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A - What are the Open License images in Regards?

All images containing the lO pictogram in the image record. This pictogram indicates that the item is a photograph:

- the author(s) of which has (have) been dead for over 70 years, at which point their work is transferred to the public domain. E.g. the Ganne Collection, the Olivier Collection and the Séeberger Frères first generation collection.

- that is a reproduction of a two-dimensional cultural asset, the author(s) of which has (have) been dead for over 70 years, of which a reproduction has been created either by a photographer who expressly authorised the Centre des monuments nationaux (CMN) to place this photograph under Open License or by a photographer employed by the CMN.

B – How do I access Open License images?

- When visiting for the first time, you will need to apply for an ‘OL’ User Account at (providing your name, address and email address). Your account will be validated automatically (and confirmation of registration sent to the email address provided).

- On subsequent visits, you simply need to log in using your username and password.

C - What can I do with an Open License image?

- Download it in high definition (.jpeg format / Definition: 4000x6000 pixels / Resolution: 300 dpi), unlimited.

- Use it for any purpose (non-commercial and commercial).

D - What are my obligations in exchange for access to this image?

- Bear in mind that the photograph is assigned on a non-exclusive basis.

- Also bear in mind that the digital file remains the property of the CMN and accordingly may not be sold to a third party.

- You are solely responsible for the re-use of the image and must therefore ensure that the moral rights of the author of the work and their right to be cited is upheld: © Name of photographer / CMN or © Reproduction Name of photographer / CMN.