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The Pôle Images: The Pôle Images of the Centre des monuments nationaux has a rich collection of nearly 500,000 photographs directly associated with the history of the establishment, successor to the Caisse nationale des monuments historiques et des sites.

This exceptional ensemble of documents, regularly updated, is not only an interesting source of information for professionals working in the field of photography but also individuals, art historians, architects, etc. eager to find an abundant iconography of architecture from prehistoric sites through to the present day. These photographic collections contain original heritage collections such as Jean and Albert Séeberger, Emeric Feher, Jean Sabrier, the Ganne collection (Block and Marinier), René-Jacques or Jean Feuillie. Also, the photographic commissions entrusted to renowned photographers (Françoise Huguier, Daniel Boudinet, Bogdan Konopka, Michael Kenna, Jean-Christophe Ballot...) shows as well a work that is both documentary and artistic, while being remarkable testimonies of a changing environment.

The Pôle Images of the Centre des monuments nationaux markets its collections in the form of high definition digital files via its website: www.regards.monuments-nationaux.fr.

To answer the wide range of editorial, research and exhibition requests, the team of the Pôle Images is at your disposal to help you in your iconographic research.

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